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Try a completely new approach to ecommerce analytics that helps you turn numbers into answers and answers into sales (even if you’re not an expert).

Centreblock can answer questions like...

  • What drives conversions?

  • Where do your customers drop off?

  • Which sales rep contributes the most revenue?

  • Is your store easy to navigate?

  • Which products underperform?

  • Who are your best customers?

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How CentreBlocks Works



Leave the setup to us

We work with you to create a custom dashboard that has all of your key metrics


See metrics that matter

Our patented algorithm shows you what drives conversions and drop-offs


Skyrocket your sales

The intelligent insights help you adjust your strategy in real time

  • Simple, 100% custom reports

    Centreblock is like your own Analytics Expert. All the insights you need are right in front of you and you don’t have to waste your time hunting down data from various sources.

    • Connect all of your existing data points (website, CRM, ERP, etc.)

    • Instantly see your magic metrics—the numbers that increase conversion and retention

    • No training needed. It takes no more than 10 minutes to learn how to use Centreblock

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Say Goodbye to Messy Data. Try Centreblock.

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  • 360-degree view of your business

    Centreblock’s unique, patented algorithm provides you with insights about each aspect of your business. You can pinpoint anything from your most loyal customers to your best sales reps.


    • See drop-off points and CRO opportunities at a glance

    • Understand user behavior (e.g., Customer Journey Mapping)

    • Determine what incentives to give to customers and staff

  • Follow customers from search to purchase

    Centreblock shows you exactly what steps your customers take from the very first moment they land on your site all the way to completing an order.

    • Get a clear step-by-step Customer Journey map

    • Assign different “weights” to different actions to easily filter your most valuable customers

    • Define personas and link specific users to one or more personas

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  • No GDPR headaches

    You offload the hard work of analyzing customer data to Centreblock without giving up control. The platform is 100% GDPR/AVG compliant.


    • We have no access to the data you’ve collected

    • We do not hold any identifiable customer information

    • You can delete a specific customer’s data at any time


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